Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were proclaiming Jesus Christ and Him crucified in Slough High Street on August 1st,  helped by Mrs Lesley Pilkington and Mr Damian Jankowski. 

Pastor Simpson began his preaching by quoting Romans 3:10 and 23, “There is none righteous, no, not one … For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. He asserted that no one possesses a basic goodness. He asked the passers-by, “Are you cleansed from your sin, because this is the most important question that you will ever have to consider?” This question is after all nothing less than an issue of eternal life or eternal death. May many come to realise this. 

Mrs Pilkington had a long conversation with a 19 year old girl who came up to her saying that she had gone away from God and wanted to know how to come back. She used to be a Roman Catholic, but knew little about the gospel. The young woman confessed to being very aware of her inward corruption, and the witnessing sister told her that such a realisation was the initial and necessary qualification for receiving the gospel and coming to faith in the Saviour. The young woman expressed much relief at hearing this, having felt she was quite beyond redemption. Mrs Pilkington then carefully went through the gospel message with her, and also passed on her contact details. This was a very encouraging encounter.

Mrs Pilkington also had a brief but good conversation with a young man who said that he had heard some facts about the Lord Jesus, but wanted to know more. He was told about the way of salvation through faith in the Saviour and was interested to accept some gospel literature.

May the Lord open his heart, and that of many others, who heard of the need to flee from the wrath to come and into the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ.