Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson, and Mr Graham Parkhouse, were preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for sinners in the centre of Slough on September 19th. 

A group of schoolboys walked by at one point, and Pastor Simpson challenged them about the fact that Jesus Christ is the judge of all men, whatever their religion or if they have none. Their response was to laugh, but they were politely told that the judgement of God upon sin unrepented of is no laughing matter. May they take this warning to heart. 

Tracts of course were being given out, but they were not always willingly received. One man shook his head as he was offered the gospel leaflet about Jesus Christ being the Light of the world. The plain implication of his manner was sadly that he had better things to do than to waste his time reading such material. 

A Muslim lady also rejected a leaflet, simply by pointing to her hijab. This was in effect a statement that no Muslim can be expected to have any interest whatsoever in the Christian gospel, and should not even be approached. It was sad to see this refusal even to have a look at the message of a Saviour having come into the world. 

The closed minds of so many Muslims to the gospel is a matter of great concern, because there is no means of atonement within Islam. Instead, there is reliance upon religious duties, good works, and a hope in Allah is mercy for salvation, but without any certainty of receiving it. However, the Bible makes it abundantly clear that only through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ can any sinner find God’s mercy. He is a God of justice, as well as a God of love, and the penalty for sin has to be satisfied before He can grant His mercy to those lost in the darkness of their sins and unbelief.  

May the Lord be pleased to open the hearts and minds of many Muslims to their great need of Jesus Christ as the only mediator between God and men. Indeed, may the hearts of all who heard in Slough upon this day be wrought upon by the Holy Spirit to realise the danger that are in, and that the only solution is to flee in repentance and faith to Jesus Christ who died on the Cross in the sinner’s place.