Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood and Mr Graham Parkhouse from Epsom were preaching Jesus Christ crucified for sinners in Slough High Street on February 6th

A man came up to Pastor Simpson as he was preaching and asked, How can we possibly know that what you are saying is true, because you have no proof. He was implying that the preacher’s personal faith was a subjective matter, not being grounded in any provable absolute truth. The preacher responded that Jesus Christ really existed in history. He is the embodiment of all truth. He rose from the dead, and 500 people saw him thus risen on one day. The man could not stay to pursue the conversation. 

A Muslim came up to Pastor Simpson as he was handing out tracts and said that the Christians worship a mere man, implying that this was very wrong. He was told that Christians worship Him who is both God and man at the same time. They worship One who has always existed in eternity within the Godhead, but who became a man for man’s salvation. Sadly, the Muslim did not stop to discuss any further. 

Another man walked by and said that he was not interested in taking any literature precisely because he was a Muslim. He was told that he needed to take a leaflet, because the gospel concerned him personally. All men need to be saved from their sins, and only Jesus Christ is qualified to do that for them. 

Yet another Muslim came by who was apparently from Palestine and he told Pastor Simpson, “Your people are killing my people”. Somewhat taken aback by the rudeness of this comment, Pastor Simpson told the man that there were no British troops in  Israel/Palestine. Indeed, there have been none since 1948. In any case, the preacher said, I am not here representing the British Government, but the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a whole range of opinion amongst British people about the current situation in the Middle East. So regarding the wholesale condemnation of the British which the man had just engaged in, it is a plain fact that all peoples, no matter where they are from in the world, are sinful in God’s sight, until they come to the Lord Jesus in repentance and faith. No one particular nation or group of nations has a monopoly upon sin, as many are tempted to think today. 

Pastor Simpson also had a long conversation with another young man who was of Irish descent. He had no religious faith and was very sceptical. The minister tried to move him to think about the condition of his own soul, and he managed to get the young man to admit that he was guilty of leading a promiscuous lifestyle. Pastor Simpson sought to explain to him why this was offensive to God, selfish and with the potential for much harm down the line, for example, with the possibility of unwanted pregnancies. 

The young man also admitted to watching pornography. This conduct did not bother him in the least, especially because so many others do the same, and so the preacher sought to impress upon him that such behaviour was in fact the result of a basically sinful heart, which only the Lord Jesus Christ can renew. The man was told that he is not free, but is in fact a slave to the lusts generated by his sinful heart. 

Prayer is being offered up that this conversation might cause him to reflect seriously upon the issue of personal sinfulness, and see the urgent need to flee in repentance and faith to the only Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, may others also who heard gospel truth in Slough upon this occasion also be brought to the same conclusion by the power of God’s grace working within them.