Pastor Peter Simpson was proclaiming the message of salvation in Christ alone in the centre of (Uxbridge), West London, on February 16th, helped by three local Christians and Mr Pablo Sharma from the church at Penn. As Pastor Simpson was preaching, he could see a man walking past and muttering under his breath, “Oh, why do you not just shut up?”

Pastor Simpson thought it appropriate to look straight at him and say, “This is the most important message that you will ever hear”. 

Rather than engage in further conversation, which was the minister’s purpose in making this comment, the man carried on walking by, simply making a rude gesture at the preacher. Pastor Simpson called back to him at the top of his voice, declaring that the unpleasant finger gesture was absolutely no valid argument to refute the Christian revelation; it was merely a common insult.

Encouraging words were received from a lady passing by who attends the Bible- believing Anglican church in Greenford. It was good to hear of a Church of England congregation upholding the truth of Scripture as opposed to the far more common occurrence of a mere conformity to the  fashionable social justice agenda of the woke, leftist establishment. 

Conversations were had with people from Georgia and Ukraine, whose English was sadly very poor, but a young lady from Ukraine did say that she would very much like to help the work by handing out leaflets, and that she was also seeking Christian fellowship and had a desire that by such fellowship her English would improve.

A man spoke to Pastor Simpson, and said that he had explored the Christian faith a lot, but that there were insurmountable difficulties, and not even pastors seemed able to answer his questions about these difficulties. One of his main issues was the question of where did Adam’s son, Cain, get his wife from? This is a question often asked by atheists endeavouring to prove the Bible’s alleged illogicality and inconsistency. The argument runs that Cain separated himself from Adam and Eve after his murder of Abel and went to live in the land of Nod, and there he found a wife, which led to his son Enoch being born. Therefore, it is argued, there must have been other humans living at the time in Nod who were not descended from Adam and Eve, thus invalidating the Genesis narrative. 

However, the truth is that Cain would have married his sister, and  he would have been married before he went to Nod. The text does not say that he found a wife there; only that his wife conceived there. Pastor Simpson told the sceptic that the law against incest was not introduced until the time of Moses. This is because the practice  would not have led to possible genetic deformity in this very early stage since man’s creation when genetic deterioration was hardly an issue at all.  So there was no sin in Cain marrying his sister.  The man’s argument was based on the word ‘after’ in Genesis 5:4, which reads, 

“And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters” (Genesis 5:4). The sceptic claimed that Adam and Eve having other children must have been after Cain departing to the land of Nod (Genesis 4:16), but the text of course does not say that. They would have had daughters before Abel was murdered, as well as after Seth was born, and Cain would  have married one of them. “The time period from Cain’s birth to Abel’s death may have been 100 years or more” (1). So by the time Cain entered into the land of Nod, he would have been already married, there being alive by then various sisters whom he might have married. Indeed, Jewish tradition  states that Adam and Eve had no less than 23 daughters (2).  It was not the practice in Hebrew genealogies to “record female ancestry. That is why the daughters of Adam which he had before Seth are not named” (3). 

Pastor Simpson tried to get the man to focus on his pwn spiral condition rather than trying to pursue what he thought were discrepancies in the Bible. He, like everyone else, is a sinner who needs God’s mercy, which can only be obtained through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Genesis 5:4 does not state that Adam and Eve had no daughters before Seth was born. It is obvious that they did, but their names are not recorded.  

May this man, and many others who heard the gospel in Uxbridge upon this day, come to the realisation of the need to turn to Christ, before it is too late, and their day of grace is past. 


2 Andy Macintosh, Genesis 1-11, DayOne, p49