The centre of Uxbridge heard the public proclamation of Jesus Christ and Him crucified on May 10th, as Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were preaching, helped by Mr Pablo Sharma from Penn, along with three faithful and more immediately local Christians.

Pastor Simpson had a long conversation with a young Sikh man, who believed that human beings have many lives and many reincarnations. And the minister responded that a belief in reincarnation and attempt to bypass the imminence of judgement, which every individual needs to face up to. Men have only one life in which their eternal; destiny is established. As we read in the epistle to the Hebrews, “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27). The Lord Jesus when on the Cross said to the believing thief alongside Him, “Today thou shalt be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43), not that his next life form on earth would  be better than his present one. 

The Sikh also argued that the Bible was untrustworthy, having been through many translations and because there are disputes about the number of books which make up the Scriptures.  Pastor Simpson replied that the 66 books of the Bible have always been those accepted by God’s true people ever since the canon of Scripture was completed in the 1st century AD. The minister also pointed out that different translations do not mean different Bibles – it is the same Hebrew and Greek manuscripts which are being translated. In any case, God is omnipotent, and so He preserves His word, ensuring that it continues to come down to men intact, just as He first delivered it. Furthermore, the inspired apostles of Christ made it clear to the early church what books were God’s true word and authoritative in both the Old and New Testaments. So they would not have endorsed any Old Testament ‘apocryphal book’, which some today claim should be part of the Bible. 

An atheist told Pastor Simpson that Christianity could not be the truth, because there are other world religions which predate it. The preacher responded that the eternal Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ is the Creator God who appeared to Adam and Eve right at the beginning of time in the Garden of Eden. Concerning Adam and Eve, as one Puritan commentator states, “God the Son appeared (in the Garden) in the shape of a man, as afterwards He frequently did, to give a foretaste of His incarnation” (Matthew Poole’s Commentary on Genesis 3:8, Logos Bible software edition). The atheist then said that Adam and Eve never existed! Pastor Simpson replied that they most definitely did, because the word of God says so. In any case, he, the atheist, had just made an unscientific and unprovable statement, because in terms of  mere human knowledge – his only parameter as an atheist – he was not there in the Garden of Eden to observe and provide any empirical evidence for his statement. May the Lord yet be pleased to remove this hardened man’s deep scepticism about eternal truths.

Whilst Pastor Simpson was preaching, a group of young men walked by smiling and seemingly completely indifferent and unconcerned, as the preaching focused on the seriousness of sin. The minister decided quickly to challenge them by asking, “Have you ever watched pornography”? Yes, came the reply. “Well, you have sinned, and the holy God  is angry”, said the preacher. “But I enjoy watching it”, was one of the young mens’ rejoinders.  “That proves that you have a sinful heart” was then the vital response to this casual indifference to the reality of uncleanness in the human heart. It was sad that the youngsters did not stop to discuss more fully the challenge issued to them to think about their inward spiritual condition. 

One of the texts which Pastor Simpson emphasised in his preaching dealt specifically with the waywardness of the unregenerate hears of fallen men, namely Proverbs 28:26, “He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool”. When the atheist trusts his own heart in the notion that Adam and Eve never historically existed, or the Sikh trusts his own heart in arguing that each individual lives on and on after death, constantly returning to this earth in completely different life forms, this trusting in one’s own heart and understanding represents dangerous recklessness. The non-believer simply cannot trust in his own heart to work out spiritual reality. The corrupted heart is the immediate source of all men’s sin. Their hearts therefore need to be replaced by brand new hearts, which is a work of the Holy Spirit upon repentance from sin and faith in the Saviour. 

May many who heard gospel truth in Uxbridge upon this day be awakened to the spiritual reality that all without faith in Christ are governed by a sinful heart which makes them foolish, and which they cannot trust, it being the originator of the sin whereby all non-believers are at this very moment under the wrath of God. O Lord, be pleased to grant much fruit from this witness.