Brexit Day marked in Westminster by earnest calls to national repentance

Brexit Day marked in Westminster by earnest calls to national repentance

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson, helped by Mrs Patricia Newman and Mr David Skinner, gathered outside of the Houses of Parliament on Friday January 31st 2020, Brexit Day, to proclaim the vital need to improve the gracious providence of independence from the European Union (and let us pray that it is real independence) by means of a national humbling and contrition before the Trinitarian God, who alone ordains the affairs of the nations. 

Brexit is much to be welcomed because God has ordained the sovereignty of nation states. However, Brexit is not the answer to all the nation’s problems. Britain has been engaged in decades of profound rebellion against the teachings of the Christian Scriptures. Therefore the great need of the hour is for repentance from sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ on both a national and an individual level. 

Particular emphasis was laid in the preaching upon the prevailing sins of the day including abortion, marriage redefinition and ignoring the Lord’s Day. The great blessing which Christianity has brought to these islands throughout our history was also made known. 

This call for national and personal repentance aroused the opposition of various passing atheists. One said dismissively that he saw absolutely no evidence for believing. Pastor Simpson responded that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is sufficient evidence. The first believers were willing to risk being thrown to the lions in a Roman amphitheatre rather than deny the risen Christ. Another atheist blasphemed, declaring that he was looking forward to telling God all that He has done wrong, if he were ever to stand before Him. He was warned about the reality of God’‘s wrath. 

A good number of useful conversations were entered into by those walking past the witness, and enormous interest was shown in the various posters on display, with many photographs being taken of them. One of them read, ‘Brexit is very good, but will be of no avail, if the nation does not return to the one true faith of Jesus Christ’.

At one stage Pastor Simpson and Mrs Newman were interviewed by a journalist from the news agency France24, the French equivalent of the BBC World Service. He was very interested in the Biblical teaching behind the ordinance of the nation state. The minister explained how God had instituted nationhood at the time of the Tower of Babel rebellion, and that He further set His seal upon nationhood by using it as his vehicle of revelation to the world from the time of Abraham to the time of Christ. Furthermore, the institution is re-endorsed in the New Testament in Acts 17:26. 

Prayer is now being offered up that there might be a deep Spirit-led conviction and response to this proclamation of gospel truth at the seat of our nation’s government.

Uxbridge : Muslim tells pastor, You should not preach Christianity in public places because we are a multicultural society

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were preaching the gospel in Uxbridge town centre on Friday 13th December, aided by Mr Damian Jankowski and Mrs Patricia Newman. 

One lady, who was a neuroscientist, discussed with Pastor Sherwood the place of reason in discovering truth. The preacher emphasised that it is not in the human psyche that God is found, but through the revelation of Himself. He is not to be found within, by searching one’s mind or innermost being, but from a revelation from outside of himself. Man by nature lacks spiritual apprehension. Pastor Sherwood quoted the following Scripture to support this truth : 

“Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 16:17-18). The lady responded in a very positive way, saying, “Yes, I grasp that”. May she indeed respond to the Spirit’s revelation to her of the truth of Christ which she heard in the preaching of the gospel. 

A middle aged gentleman who had been listening for some time said to Pastor Sherwood that he found all that had been said in the preaching to be quite ‘captivating’. 

The North London Minister then proceeded to explain the gospel more fully to him, focusing upon the Son of God bearing the wrath of God’s justice in His own Person and explaining the way of salvation. He also referred to the torments of everlasting condemnation. The hearer began to have tears in his eyes and said, You have made me very emotional by what you have said. There is confidence that these were genuine tears of conviction and that a drawing work of the Saviour was taking place. 

A Christian college lecturer was greatly encouraged by the preaching of the gospel, being used to being surrounded people of atheistic liberal persuasions.

An elderly gentleman took issue with Pastor Simpson arguing that the preachers should not be standing in the street telling everyone fairy tales. The minister challenged him on two levels : 1) Do you believe that Jesus Christ existed?; 2) Are you a good person or a sinner? He was pleaded with to consider the claims of the Christian message, but sadly, he remained impervious and dismissive to any attempts to explain the gospel message to him. 

A Muslim told Pastor Simpson that he and his colleague should not be preaching in the open air, because Britain is a modern multicultural society, and that Muslims would not do this. He was implying that such activity was socially divisive. 

Pastor Simpson begged to differ about Muslim activities, citing Islamic outreaches, for example in Leicester Square, and he tried to explain that what made Britain such an attractive a place to live in to people of other faiths was precisely the residual influence of the Christian gospel. Why is our society so tolerant? To what do we owe the development of our parliamentary democracy? It is all down to Bible-believing Christianity. 

The Muslim friend’s comment reveals of course a very serious issue : how the liberal dogma of multiculturalism is a subtle tool to dilute and ultimately destroy Britain’s distinctive Christian identity and gospel freedoms. 

But, praise the Lord for current freedom. May the many who heard in Uxbridge be brought in repentance and faith to the only Saviour of sinners, our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

Slough : Hindu, Muslim and lesbian challenges to Christ’s truth

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were preaching the gospel in Slough on Tuesday 11th December, a very damp, blustery and inclement day, but no less a day of grace for needy sinners because of that. 

As the Lord Jesus Christ was proclaimed as the only One who can take away sIn, a passing young Muslim said that Jesus is just a prophet. Pastor Simpson responded that He is the eternal Son of God who receives worship and who alone forgives sin.    

A Hindu said that he liked to read parts of the New Testament, but only certain verses and not the Old Testament. He said he believed in the Holy Trinity (!), but then added that he also worshipped Krishna, Brahma and Shiva. Pastor Simpson pointed out that the one true Trinitarian God plus these other three makes four separate gods in the Hindu scheme. He denied this. He also stated that Krishna appears on earth every 5000 years. 

The minister asked him if he was a good person. The Hindu replied that he was, and that salvation is merited through acts of goodness. The minister responded that, in contrast, he was a hopeless sinner with no goodness of his own, and who can only be saved on the basis of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. 

The Hindu gentleman, who was obviously an expert in his religion, kindly offered to pay for a John’s Gospel which was handed to him (which payment was declined), but seemed impervious to any Biblical arguments put to him. May the Holy Spirit open his eyes to see that there is “none other name under heaven given amongst men whereby we must be saved” but that of the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12).  

At one point some 50 uniformed schoolchildren walked by, obviously on some kind of school outing. The great majority of them would probably have been Hindu or Muslim. Here was a providential opportunity for the preacher to encapsulate as much gospel truth as possible concerning the uniqueness of Christ as the world’s only Saviour in the 60 or so seconds that it took the pupils to file past.   

As Pastor Simpson was preaching a lady came up to him, shocked by one of the posters on display, and said to him, “I am a Christian and a lesbian”. The preacher responded that such a combination is not possible, because same-sex relationships are condemned as sinful in Scripture in, for example, 1 Corinthians 6 and Romans 1. The lady then said that the Church of England has no problem with the combination, and intimated that what the Bible says on this issue cannot be trusted, because it also teaches that women should remain silent in the churches. The minister responded that women should indeed keep silent, in respect of taking up teaching and leadership offices in Christ’s church. 

The sign to which the lady took exception, which is often put out on display (as regular readers will be aware), reads, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A NATION ABANDONS THE BIBLE? : Abortion, the LGBT agenda in schools, marriage redefined, family breakdown, drug-taking, lawlessness, knife crime, murders. 

The lesbian lady then said to Pastor Simpson, I think your sign is disgusting, prefixing the word disgusting with an adverb taking the form of a four letter verb in the present continuous tense and beginning with the letter ‘f’. In other words, she was utterly vulgar. She was then asked how such language was compatible with a Christian profession and a regenerated heart? She sadly would not stay to talk, although Pastor Simpson would have happily done so in order to try and help her.  

Prayer is now being offed up that all the various hearers in Slough might be moved to serious consideration of the state of their hearts, in line with one of the texts preached on upon this day, namely Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

High Wycombe : Young people defend gross immorality without any qualms


Pastor John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were preaching the gospel in High Wycombe on Thursday 28th November, helped by Mrs Lis Outten and Mr Damian Jankowski. 

A good number of conversations were entered into. One middle-aged man strongly challenged Pastor Simpson with the question, Why has Christ not come back to sort out all the problems in the world? The minister responded that He was delaying His coming in judgement in order to give men opportunity to repent and find salvation. 

The challenger then went on to desribe the horrors of various more recent wars. The preacher replied that the existence of war was a vindication of the Christian  message, not a denial of it. Men engage in war because of the innate sinfulness of their hearts, which only faith in Christ can remove.   

One young man freely related to Pastor Simpson about his immoral lifestyle, and referred to the abortion of a child of which he had been the father. He had no sense of having done anything out of the ordinary or actually wrong. How tragic that so many people are blinded to the seriousness of sin and the danger which they are in. 

One young woman took great exception to the preachers’ argument that abortions took place precisely because people were in grave rebellion against God. She argued  – quite shockingly – that the child in the womb is no more than a lump of cells and a ‘parasite’ which needs to be removed. She also claimed that abortion was especially justified in the case of rape, but the witnessing Christians tried to plead with her that the wilful destruction of heart-beating life in the womb is never justified in any circumstances.  

May the Lord bring much conviction of sin upon those who heard the gospel in High Wycombe, as the law of God was proclaimed as a schoolmaster to humble sinners to see tebir need of the Saviour.   

The ‘Britain’s Only Hope – the Gospel’ Conference 2019 RECORDINGS NOW AVAILABLE


Pictured above : the speakers at the 2019 Penn Conference

There are four addresses, two on each CD (see below). The CD-set can be obtained from Mrs J. Langston, 19 St John’s Road, Tylers Green, Bucks, HP10 8HW, email : . The cost is £6 (cheques to Penn Free Methodist Church).  The subject of the addresses is as follows :


Pastor David Carson (Zion Tabernacle Church, Chester)


Mr Paul Garner (Biblical Creation Trust and Fellow of the Geological Society of London)


Pastor Mark Fitzpatrick (Arann Reformed Baptist Church, Dublin)


Pastor Peter Simpson (Penn Free Methodist Church)

Uxbridge : Shocking anti-Christian vandalism as preachers accused of hate speech for asserting that God controls the climate

Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were preaching the gospel in Uxbridge on the 11th October, aided by Mr Damian Jankowski, Mrs Patrica Newman and Mrs Eve Hammond. 

Some passing Christians were much encouraged by the preachers’ presence. A good numbers of conversations were entered into. Sister Eve gave a sympathetic ear to a man who after personal tragedy had turned to drink. He took a tract and asked for prayer. A young man listened for a long while to the gospel testimony, and then stated that he used to be a Christian and wants to come back. May the Lord work powerfully upon him. Prayer is also being offered up for a lady who is a secret believer but who is much impeded because all of her family are Muslim. 

Pastor Simpson responded that 99.5% of abortions had nothing to do with rape, and that we cannot use euphemisms to obscure the reality of what abortion really is. Abortion must be denounced, and to do so is an act of love to warn people against being involved in such wickedness; such warning could in fact protect women from unbearable guilt-ridden anxiety for the rest of their days, knowing that they had wilfully destroyed their own offspring. 

A young woman who attends an Anglican Church took strong exception to Pastor Sherwood referring to abortion as the murder of young children. She claimed that whatever one’s view on abortion, such language should not be employed in the street, because it could be highly upsetting and offensive to some women, particularly if they had been the victims of rape. 

The minister explained to the opposer that there is indeed a clear-cut moral issue at stake, and he told her how Psalm 139 describes an embryo as being fashioned by the Lord Himself from the moment of conception. The lady, though a professing Christian, responded that she was not interested in what the Bible says, and that it would have been better if the preachers had stayed at home.  

Another intelligent and well-educated young woman also strongly advocated the legitimacy of abortion, along with the scientific validity of evolutionary theory. She was asked where she got her moral values from. She said, ‘From science’. Science, however, is morally neutral and can be used for good or evil. Pastor Simpson also responded that the wretched sin of abortion must not be employed as a useful escape route to cover the sin of fornication. In response, the opponent argued for no restraint upon sexual liberties, as long as there was mutual consent. What a desperately hardened generation feminism has produced, even to the extent of suppressing the innately planted maternal instinct.  

In view of the Extinction Rebellion protests in central London it was felt necessary to put on display was a poster dealing with the issue of climate change. One man who walked by claimed that the poster could lead to young people committing suicide! It reads,

CLIMATE CHANGE ANXIETY is what happens when people no longer fear the God who controls the climate. Such anxiety is unnecessary, because the Lord has promised, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter … shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22).

Another young man became really irate about the poster, and said to Pastor Simpson, “I have seen you here before. You are full of hate and that poster is hate speech”. He then undid the bungee tying the aluminium frame to its stand, and walked off with the frame, whilst the minister was talking to someone else. He then ripped the poster out of the frame, but could not tear it up because of its being laminated. Mr Jankowski and Pastor Simpson ran after him, because an act of blatant-broad-daylight criminal theft and vandalism was taking place. The pastor tried to grab the poster from him, but he refused to let go of it. Mr Jankowski was then enabled to restrain him without in any way hurting him, so that the poster could be recovered.

This incident shows that climate change is at root a spiritual issue, and that so many people are concerned about it precisely because they do not trust in the God who controls the climate and who has caused it to vary, even dramatically, throughout human history. There appears to be an over-bearing sense of self righteousness in many who protest about climate change whereby they think that their cause places them above the law of the land. Even more importantly, they need to submit to the law of the God who is upholding His creation at every moment. 

May the Lord bring deep conviction of sin upon all the gainsayers upon this day of dark, brooding clouds overhead, which well depicted the abject spiritual darkness which prevails in trendy liberal Britain.