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Pastor Peter Simpson, Minister of Penn Free Methodist Church, near High Wycombe, was preaching at the Manchester Pride parade on August 25th, and strongly refutes the derogatory comments made during the parade by Coronation Street star,Nicola Thorp, against his group of Bible-believing Christians who were protesting and witnessing in Peter Street. 


The Buckinghamshire pastor, who also preached at July’s London Pride parade, and who recently slammed Ely Cathedral for flying the rainbow flag in support of the Ely Pride Festival, states : 


“Nicola Thorp’s declaration that the parade represented an LGBT ‘church’ whose congregation  was not being respected ignores the reality that the Pride event was not a meeting in a building which people can easily ignore if they wish to, but an ‘in your face’ statement on the public highway (where we all have a legal right to be) that anyone who dares to disagree with the the LGBT establishment is a nasty bigot with no right to express an opinion”. 


The pastor continues, “This parade was not a case of homosexuals quietly getting on with their lifestyle, but a public, no-holds-barred attempt to show that unless you accept the LGBT creed, you are the scum of the earth. What respect has Ms Thorp shown to Christians who believe the Bible’s clear teaching? 


The Corrie star states, “Your beliefs are not welcome here”. What does this mean? Should all expression of orthodox Judaeo-Christian teaching prevailing for millennia now be banned from city of Manchester? All around the city rainbow flags were on display. Visitors to Manchester were greeted with them at Piccadilly station. Is the railway part of the LGBT ‘church’ as well? The gay rights movement talks much of inclusivity, but is strangely non-inclusive of anyone who dares to disagree with it. 


Pastor Simpson is also critical of Rob Williams for his article in the Manchester Evening News on why there is still a need for Pride parades. 


The High Wycombe minister states, “This article was totally one-sided. Whatever happened to objective journalism, delving into opposing viewpoints, so that readers can make up their own minds? Why in this article was there the conflation of the Christian witness with reported rises in homophobic hate crime, as if there were a proven connection between gospel preaching and such crime? We also also believe adultery and burglary to be sinful, but this does not mean that we hate all adulterers and burglars. 


Did Mr Williams, as a journalist presumably seeking for truth, come over and speak to us to learn more about our side of the issue? I certainly did not have a conversation with him, but if I had, he would soon have found out that, far from being driven by hate, our motivation for being there was love for our neighbours and a deep concern for their salvation from sin through faith in Christ. 


What both Ms Thorp and Mr Williams seem to be implying is that they, in their political correctness, possess a superior wisdom to the God of the Christian Scriptures, where the sinfulness and unnatural character of homosexuality are clearly and unequivocally set forth. This cavalier dismissal of Christian teaching must be challenged. 


We had every right to protest at what was taking place on the public highway and in the most public manner imaginable. The parade included men walking down the street in scanty underwear, men dressed up in bras and skirts and others dressed up as dogs. This goes beyond the bounds of public decency, and is an indication of how far our nation has turned its back on the precious truths of the Christian gospel.


Pastor Peter Simpson, Penn Free Methodist Church

The Coronation Street float from which Nicola Thorp told the witnessing Christians that they were not welcome on Manchester's streetsThe Coronation Street float from which Nicola Thorp told the witnessing Christians that they were not welcome on Manchester's streets