Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified at Marble Arch in central London on May 5, the day before the coronation.

They were very ably helped by Mr Richard Timson and Mrs Lesley Pilkington. Large numbers of special tracts on the Biblical basis of the coronation service were handed out. Mrs Pilkington reported that she had six or seven valuable gospel conversations with passers-by. 

There was a large decorative crown set up in the square by Marble Arch which helped to provide a fitting backdrop for the message that all kings and rulers are subject to the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ. A number of Christians going by were encouraged by the presence of the preachers.

Sadly, many people spoken to had absolutely no knowledge of the Bible-based character of the coronation service. By promising to uphold Protestantism a British monarch is asserting that the Bible must be the nation’s final authority, particularly in respect of any proposed legislation.

This means that the king’s ministers and all members of Parliament (who are under the king as the head of state) are causing the coronation oath to be broken, if they pass laws which reject the Bible’s teachings, as has tragically happened in recent decades with, for example, the 1967 Abortion Act, the relaxation of Sunday trading legislation and the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act of 2013.

The preaching made clear that the King (for whom we pray that he might hear the true gospel of salvation), the Prime Minister, and all our leaders and members of Parliament are answerable to Christ, Governor of the nations and Judge of all men. Only righteousness before God can make the nation, secure and prosperous, as Proverbs 14:34 declares, which was one of the texts on display at Marble Arch. How Britain needs to return to the one true faith of Jesus Christ as a matter of urgency.