Should Christians employed in any kind of dealing-with-the-public role just keep quiet? This discussion took place on BBC Three Counties Radio on 17th April, and concerned Billy Vunipola’s support for Israel Folau, the Australian rugby star who posted a social media statement saying that unrepentant sinners, including homosexuals, will go […]

DARKEST HOUR FILM : MUST CHRISTIANITY NOW BE AIRBRUSHED OUT OF BRITAIN’S HISTORY? The Darkest Hour film about Sir Winston Churchill, produced by Universal Pictures and starring Gary Oldman, is dramatic and gripping, and it captures well the gravity of the national crisis in 1940. Sadly, however, it makes an […]

DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER ON THE DAY BEFORE THE DUNKIRK EVACUATION BEGAN? At the beginning of January 2018 the DVD of of the Warner Bros. film DUNKIRK entered into its third week at the top of the DVD charts. This vivid and dramatic film focuses […]