Pastor Peter Simpson was proclaiming Jesus Christ and Him crucified by the entrance to Windsor Castle in the centre of the town on March 19th. Being very early Spring, there were obviously not as many tourists as during the summer months, but nevertheless a reasonable number of people were walking past and coming into earshot of the gospel message, and some took literature. 

Two men on separate occasions went by and expressed appreciation for the witness taking place. 

Pastor Simpson spoke to a lady from Bulgaria who was of the Orthodox faith. He explained how contemporary Britain is very much in rebellion against God and so urgently needs to hear the gospel. The lady replied that materialism often characterised life in her country as well. She also spoke about trying her best to be good, to which the minister replied that we all need the power of the Holy Spirit, received upon faith in Christ, to give us the ability to be holy people and to begin to do that which is pleasing to God.  

The minister also spoke to a couple from Pakistan who were Christians and expressed concern to them about the difficulties which Christians face in that land. he said, I presume that this kind of gospel witness in a very public place could never take place in Pakistan, and their response was along the lines of “absolutely not”, which brings home to us what a special privilege and blessing it is still to have the liberty to declare the way of salvation in the “chief places of concourse” (Proverbs 1:21) here in Britain. How we must keep on taking advantage of that blessing.  

Pastor Simpson referred in his preaching to the fact that everything that is good about life in the UK is due to the influence of the Bible on the nation down the ages, and not least of course the Bible’s message of salvation, and he spoke of how the King last year during his coronation promised as our head of state to uphold the Bible’s teachings.

The minister preached in particular on 1 Corinthians 6:9, “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived”. All without Christ fall into the category of being unrighteous, because all have broken God’s commandments. Therefore all need to repent and come to faith in Christ with the utmost urgency. Indeed, there is no more urgent message for mankind than this, far outweighing in importance anything that the politicians might have to say. May those who heard in Windsor upon this day realise the urgency, humbling themselves and fleeing to the Lord Jesus Christ who alone can save men from their slavery to sin.