Pastor Peter Simpson was peaching the gospel in High Wycombe on June 27th, helped by Mr James Dick and three lady members of the church at Penn. 

Mrs Pilkington entered into conversation with a man who came out of the nearby pub. He was prepared to take some literature and did seem genuinely interested. May the Lord show him his great need of the Saviour.  

The witnessing sister also spoke to a younger man, as he came out of came out of MacDonalds. He said that his grandfather was a preacher, but that he himself was not interested in Christian things. However, he did listen when the gospel was explained to him. Sadly, his girlfriend was scoffing and wanted him to end the conversation, and she convinced him to stop, but he did at least take some leaflets, saying that he would read them.

A gospel tract was also offered to a young man who refused it on the ground that he was a Muslim. So he was told by Mrs Pilkington that he still needed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. After walking away, he then changed his mind, turned around and said he would take some leaflets after all. Hopefully, this was the Holy Spirit’s work upon him. May he truly have a spiritual turning around as a result. 

Pastor Simpson took as his opening text, “I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord GOD : wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye” (Ezekiel 18:32) . The call of the Christian gospel is a call to turn from sin and the philosophies of this world in order to receive the spiritual life which leads to everlasting life. 

The preacher asked the passers-by, Do you have life? Do you have spiritual life? Do you have eternal life? The Bible tells us that all without faith in Jesus Christ are devoid of life and spiritually dead. Only the Lord Jesus can give you spiritual life. Only He can remove the corruption of the human heart. All need to understand that man’s nature is not good, and so no one is essentially good by nature. Rather, all need to need to come to the Lord Jesus for a new nature. 

May many who heard this message in high Wycombe realise the necessity of coming to Christ that their spiritual deadness might be removed, and that they receive within them then life which leads on to everlasting life.