Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood and Mr Graham Parkhouse (Epsom) were preaching the Gospel in Slough High Street on February 14th, helped by Mrs Lesley Pilkington. A number of passing Christians encouraged those witnessing in what they were doing.

As Pastor Sherwood was preaching, and alluding to Genesis 1:27, he declared that God has made us male and female, and what God has decreed cannot be changed. This declaration is, of course, totally at variance with the fashionable embracing by so many in modern Britain of the teachings of the LGBT activists. 

Mrs Pilkington had quite a long conversation with a backsliding professing Christian who was depressed and who admitted to not leading a faithful life. She was thankfully willing to allow the witnessing sister to pray for her and openly confessed he need of repentance. May the Lord continue to work in her heart. 

Mr Graham Parkhouse proclaiming Christ’s truth

As Mr Parkhouse was handing out leaflets, a passing Muslim sadly got rather angry when he was asked what he thought about the Bible.  It is of course the Islamic position that the Bible is corrupted and untrustworthy. However, inconsistently with this position, Surah 3:3 of the Quran sets, “It is he (Allah) who … sent down the Law and the Gospel”.  It was most disappointing that the Muslim gentleman was not prepared to stop the discuss your variety of the Bible, and was deeply upset by even a gentle suggestion that it was the word of God and infallible. 

At one stage Pastor Simpson in his preaching referred to the Islamic teaching that the Lord Jesus did not die on the Cross, and so did not carry out an act of penal substitution in the sinner’s place. He proclaimed that those who deny our Lord’s death as the unique sacrifice to atone for the sins of the world cannot be forgiven.   

Mrs Pilkington also had a brief but important conversation with a young Muslim who was not from this country. She told him about how the Biblical Christ is totally different from the Islamic view of our Lord exactly was and is, and also that the Christian gospel and way of salvation again have nothing in common with Islamic teaching. 

The Muslim was totally amazed at these assertions, and said he had never heard such a thing before. He thankfully received some Christian literature. 

May the Muslims, and many others, who heard the gospel upon this day realise that the only means of being reconciled to the holy God and having their sins forgiven is through the shed blood of the sacrificial Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.